Erin Weathers

I am a huge fashion nerd. I am finishing my degree at the New York Fashion Academy (in Ballard WA). My fashion is usually inspired by astrology, myths, science, and technology.

I have had the honor of creating costumes for geek themed burlesque shows in Seattle. Accio Burlesque (The Harry Potter Burlesque), Whedonesque Burlesque, X-Files Burlesque, and had a fashion show where my theme was a burlesque based off of the Pleiades constellation.

I’ve done Googly eye clothing work for Anne Wheaton and Bonnie Burton as part of an Espionage Cosmetics promotional shoot. I’ve also won the AT&T SIC Hackathon, and participated in the AT&T Developer Conference Hack-a-thon, with a group called 

Last year I was selected as a contestant for the Her Universe/Hottopic Fashion show at San Diego Comicon.